The management system is decentralized to a great extent and different institutional activities are accomplished through different committees. A list of the different committees constituted for different activities in Kohima College:

bulllet Admission Committee
bulllet Examination Committee
bulllet Students Welfare Committee
bulllet College Magazine Editorial Board
bulllet College Development Committee
bulllet Disaster management Committee
bulllet Disciplinary Committee
bulllet Naac/IQAC
bulllet Music and Drama Committee
bulllet Research Monitoring Cell
bulllet Right to Information
bulllet Student Counseling Centre
bulllet Alumni Association Cell
bulllet Parent-Teachers Association
bulllet Coaching centre
bulllet Women Centre
bulllet Cultural club
bulllet Grievance Redressal cell
bulllet Eco-club
bulllet Library Advisory committee
bulllet Press/Publicity cell
bulllet Career Guidance and Placement Cell
bulllet Collage/Creative Art committee
bulllet Red Ribbon club
bulllet Youth Red Cross club
bulllet NSS
bulllet NCC
bulllet EU
bulllet Edusat network/computers/Internet cell