The College carries out extension activities mainly through NSS. The Unit has been one of the assets of the College and has been promoting the cultivation of the spirit of social service among students, instilling in them work culture and helping to develop their personality.

The main objectives of the N.S.S. has been to develop social and civic sensibility as well as to nurture skills and competencies, leadership qualities and a democratic attitude that is reflected in consideration for one’s fellow beings. Hence it promotes participation in various programmes that demonstrate these aims by taking part in awareness campaigns on RTI, environmental issues and HIV/AIDS. They also participate in Voluntary blood donation camps, campus maintenance drives, Youth Parliamentary quiz competitions, in Runs organized by State-run Associations, mass social work and cleanliness drives in collaboration with GOs and NGOs. Besides these, they also help in organizing State level NSS Adolescent Quiz in collaboration with other NSS units, attend Youth festivals, undertake tree plantation drives, as well as visit the orphanage and mental hospital to help as well as to learn from these experiences.

The unit has recently adopted a village in an attempt to promote more need based extension programmes which will intervene more effectively in the life of the community and familiarize students with the community they work with, to identify the community needs and problems with involvement in the solution thereof. Intended activities include literacy campaigns, health check-up camps for villagers as well as cattle at the adopted village, water conservation, cleanliness and sanitation drives, HIV/AIDS awareness programmes etc.